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Creative Coffee Beans x Spring Masterpiece.

Spring Masterpiece art

Hello again! My dearest most beloved has informed me that her Gala is almost complete. If you are an afficionado of CGI/Photoshop and anime, I would like to request that you visit it, it’s worth your time I assure you that. Here is the link to her site.

Phase 1: Subject

It has been a while and I was thinkin: “What should I post?” Then it hit me… Like a cannonball shot from a cannon… straight into my head. XD I came up with an idea to post an artwork or imagery or photo that inspired me… Not too unique in itself, but with my mind and a proper imagination…. IT WILL BE AWESOME!! so stay tuned~ 😀

It’s about time…

This will be the start of my adventure in blogging… So many sights (and sites) to see, so many adventures to share, Im still just a larva at the moment but in due time I will be a cool… something XD so stick with me and see the world in an extraordinary way.